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Mesmerize Eyeliner Collection

Coz it's the eyes where magic resides. Accentuate them everyday with this trio!
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Mikyajy's Mesmerize Eyeliner Collection is a set of 3 popular eye makeup favorites to define the eyes for showstopping looks! • Liquid Eyeliner - Here’s the classic liquid liner you shouldn’t miss! No fading, no flaking, and oh so easy to use. • Line & Shadow Kohl Pencil - Simply define the waterline of your eyes or create an on-the-go smoky-eye look with the little applicator! • 22K Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - Here’s bringing some serious drama to your liner game! This one’s super water-resistant, super matte super black with the shortest dry-down time! Lasts up to 16 hours!